Be The CEO Workshop 2.0

Be The CEO Workshop 2.0

As an entrepreneur do you ever feel like your stumbling around in the dark, trying to find your way? Be The CEO Workshop is the lantern to illuminate your path.

Have you ever:

  • struggled with figuring out what to charge
  • wondered how to price a package of goods or services
  • stressed that you won’t make enough to pay bills
  • felt lost on how to craft a clear message to position yourself to your clients
  • needed someone to help you prioritize your task list
  • lacked motivation because you felt you needed a resource or tool to move forward
  • wanted a small group of entrepreneurs to build a community with

If you are like me, you were nodding your head the whole time.

I’ve struggled to find the right fit for my business that matched my personal lifestyle needs and wants. I’ve downloaded ebooks, purchased templates, traveled to conferences, listened to podcasts and have read through tons of blog posts, only to find I still didn’t have the answer that fit my business. I felt like a fish swimming in mud. I would try something and then something else and none of the tactics seemed to work for me.

The reality is there is not a one size fits all answer. Each of our small business are operated by individuals who have different wants and needs. Therefore, our pricing, messaging and goals will all be different.

I found that by understanding my finances, the amount of time I spent working on different tasks and working to have a consistent message to my clients, led to building better systems, incorporating the how-to tactics that made the best sense for me and starting everyday with the a clear intention to work towards my business goals.

BE THE CEO workshop was born out of my experience.

Last year’s cohort spent an entire day digging into financials and pulling apart their numbers to find where they killing it and where things were going awry. This year’s workshop has expanded to two days, so we can take our financial learnings and apply it to our marketing strategy on day two.


This workshop is designed to give you the space and tools to focus on looking at your business as a whole. To give you the chance to step away from the production line and BE THE CEO.

Saturday and Sunday January 23-24, 2016
9am – 4pm
(location to be in the San Francisco east bay region)

You will:

  • take the reigns of your numbers and work through your emotional financial roadblocks
  • have a plan for generating your revenue so your to do list is focused on moving forward allowing you the flexibility to get in the activities that refuel you.
  • learn what makes you the most money and be able to phase out the things that drain you (or at least charge more for them
  • be in a supportive group of entrepreneurs who face similar issues in running a business and understand the stresses
  • have a business coach with a unique point of view and background to help you create a map to reaching your chief initiative
  • have Brigitte Lyons, CEO and founder of B THE FORWARD-THINKING PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY, to guide you to positioning your business with consistent messaging
  • have an ongoing community to help keep you moving toward your 2016 business goals

The workshop will include:

  • writing out a revenue plan. Knowing when money is coming in is a good thing!
  • analyzing your current offerings. Are you accounting for the cost of goods and paying yourself for the production time?
  • positioning your business using your special sauce.
  • digital and physical worksheets
  • How to Fascinate test to highlight how the world see you
  • a notebook to write down your thoughts and break-throughs
  • light nibbles and refreshments on both days to keep your focused

Ready to claim your spot?
Early Bird $385 and save $100. Ends Wednesday 1/6!