Business Strategy

About Shelly

Creative. Analytical. And determined to make business complexities simple.

For Shelly, small business coaching was a passionate accident. She cared so much about her fellow creative business owners’ successes that she jumped in to help, sharing all she’d learned from her own ventures.

In the process, she realized what she experienced firsthand – from launching her own photography business, analyzing budgets for one of the largest financial institutions in the country, studying economics at UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!), and apprenticing under Tara Gentile – was infinitely valuable to making small businesses simple, streamlined and profitable.

Her ability to wrap her head around confusing and multi-faceted business concepts, break them into simple
tasks to check off of a to-do list, was like pure oxygen for her clients.

Shelly is known for her patience, thoughtfulness and desire to understand each client’s unique position and needs. Her insatiable desire to learn and understand makes her advice relevant and actionable for all of her diverse clients.

Combining her talents of photography with her business acumen means having a person who understands your entrepreneur needs of great imagery to tell your business story while keep a close eye on budget. She finds solutions that up level your business and your visual presents.