Business Strategy

Revitalize Your Brand with High-Impact Photography

When you’re tired of using photos that are just good enough, we work together to combine a visual strategy that injects energy into your brand.

Whether you need a new headshot, an entire social media campaign or photos to use across your website and branding collateral, I guide you from concept development, through the shoot and to the selection of your final images.

I work with clients to create and develop specific concepts that bring your business to life.

All of my visual content packages are custom-designed to meet your objectives. Email me to schedule a consult, and we’ll create your package together.


  • Styled photos that breathe life into your brand, products and services
  • Creates a consistent vibe and aesthetic to attract the right audience with compelling social media imagery
  • Work collaboratively with me to bring your ideas to life creating multiple variations of the subject to be used over multiple social channels


  • It’s more than a snapshot, it needs to convey your personality and your passion
  • We work together to formulate how to shoot your images so that they convey the qualities you want your customers to resonate with.
  • No detail is over-looked. We will work on your style plan including what to wear as well as hair and makeup, flush out location ideas and building the set if needed. And on shoot day we’ll work all the angles to get you looking your best through posing and lighting.
  • Headshot sessions start at $825.


  • Concept development for campaigns, product launches, events, etc.
  • Mood boards and creative direction to guide you and your internal team
  • Prop, wardrobe, and location selections for your brand


  • Visual libraries based on a theme created to keep a bunch of ready custom images on hand to use across your favorite social channels (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • Individual concepts and monthly creation plans available for custom imagery create with your brand and mission in mind
  • Image research to find pre-existing imagery that fits your brand’s voice and can supplement your custom created images

Shelly is not just a talented photographer. She’s an amazing marketer!

“When I hired Shelly, I was originally only looking for my official chef photo to include on my website. Through our consultation, I realized there were a whole host of opportunities to show off my approach to cooking and dining — that good food is available to everyone! Shelly came up with a concept for a full, two-day photo shoot that provided me with images I was able to use across my new website and in my other marketing materials. I’m so glad I hired her, because she is so much more than a great photographer. She’s an amazing marketer!”

– Dan Wegrzyn

Shelly put me completely at ease!

“Not only did Shelly take the pain out of getting great head shots, she made the whole ordeal easy and more than that, enjoyable. It was a blast to work with her. She took great steps to find out what I wanted including creating a Pinterest Board and evaluating my website design. The process was smooth, easy, efficient and timely. I won’t wait so long next time to update my look!”

– Kathy Bourque

Shelly was instrumental in helping me create photography to market my new business.

“I came to her with some ideas about the imagery I wanted, but I wasn’t super clear on how the shoot would work. In talking with Shelly, she started to pick up on the themes and metaphors I use in my work. Shelly had the idea of turning those metaphors into photo concepts that I could use to promote the program on social media. We ended up creating a full suite of images that I can use to launch this new program. It was a fantastic experience!”

– Stacey Howe-Lott

My shoot was an awesome experience from start to finish.

“My business partner and I loved our experience with Shelly! From providing assistance with outfits, hair, make-up, to the fun conversations and great stories you shared, Shelly put us at ease in front of the camera and it felt more like a fun girls day out, rather than work.

Working with Shelly is very easy and straightforward. And the finished product turned out beautifully! Both Patti and I have received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook regarding our new photos.”

– Jane Tanner, Genesa Leadership Institute