Do you need a course correction?

Do you need a course correction?
bike path in morning light with sunflare
It’s summer solstices! That means we’re half way through the year and it’s time to check in on those beginning of the year initiatives we set out to do.
In the BE THE CEO workshop we laid out our big main objective for the year and broken it down into small projects, and to do items. But sometimes setting the path doesn’t mean we follow the path.
It’s time to check in with ourselves. It’s time for a refresher.
Are you on the path you’ve set out? Do you need a course correction? Has your main objective been accomplished or needs to be updated? Join me tomorrow at 2:30pm on Facebook Live where I’ll be doing a refresher session in person with Casey Splain. Casey is a full time portrait and wedding photographer as well as a student, working towards her nutrition degree in the San Francisco bay area.
Leave me your questions below or tweet me your questions about resetting your course, breaking down your initiative, or refreshing your strategy.
See you tomorrow for my first ever FB Live.