Learning Opportunties Available at Your Fingertips for FREE

I mentioned in my first Business Juice article about keeping costs in check when running a business. However, to stay on top of current trends, learn about new techniques and stay fresh and inspired as an artist can be expensive. There are tons of contests to enter, classes to take, conventions to attend, places to visit and workshops to go to. But what if your budget doesn’t stretch that far?

Don’t fret, there’s good news. There are a plethora of free options to learn, be inspired and grow. If you have an online place you like that’s not on the list please share it in the comments.

Creative Live – The powerhouse of free education on all creative things. Coming up in Friday-Sunday is a three-day course on boudoir photography with Christa Meola, then later in the month baby photographer Sandy Puc will be teaching her how to’s, and the first week in March Sue Bryce, Australia’s Portrait Photographer of the year for 2011 will be focusing on glamour photography. So check out the calendar, sign up for the newsletter and register of a free course today.

Joy of Marketing Webinars – Sign up for Sarah Petty’s newsletter to stay in the loop for the free webinars. They are packed with great information.

[SLR] Lounge – [SLR] Lounge is a resource for photography tutorials, photo news, camera reviews and more.

Storbist – this is a blog full of lighting inspiration and how-tos.

Digital Photography School – Discover how to use your digital camera with their Digital Photography Tips. It is a community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in our understanding of photography.

Jules Cafe – a great places to find articles on business, photography and more.

Kelbytv.com – brings together Adobe Photoshop Killer Tips, DTOWN – the show for the DSLR shooter, Photoshop User TV with Scott Kelby and the Photoshop guys plus The Grid with Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski. It is a live talk-show about photography, Photoshop & other industry-related topics. Each week features a different guest (in-studio or online) and viewers are encouraged to chime in on the Liveblog or via Twitter by adding #TheGridLive to their tweets.

Toforuios – is a marketing blog for smart photographers written by Lawrence Chan.

Shooting Star – Jasmine Star’s YouTube channel where she shares insights to shooting brides, grooms, details, and answers questions sent in via Twitter.

reDefine with Tamara Lackey– are interviews with creative individuals. It explores topics from living a creative life, new technology, tips and tricks and more.